Competency Assessment Essentials in the Workplace

A Practical Guide for Managers | taught by Bernadette Allen

Course description

In this one-hour webinar Bernadette Allen will introduce you to the essential elements of competency assessment in the workplace.

Many organizations want to use competency assessment to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness. However, competency assessment can be a complex and overwhelming undertaking. This webinar provides a solid grounding to begin your competency assessment program. The webinar will provide managers with the essential knowledge they need to get started with competency assessment.

The webinar is divided into seven recorded segments that you can start and stop at your convenience. You will have access to webinar for 48 hours.

Bernadette Allen addresses the following topics in the webinar:

What is competency assessment?

  • Competency defined
  • Competency assessment defined
  • The goals of competency assessment
  • The characteristics of effective competency assessment
  • Potential concerns about competency assessment

Competency Assessment Requirements

  • Competency profiles
  • Performance standards
  • Identification of priority skills

What is a competency profile?

  • How are competency profiles developed?
  • How to set performance standards
  • Performance rating scales

What are performance standards?

Identification of priority skills

  • Risk assessment
  • Problem identification
  • Change
  • New initiatives

Select competency assessment methods

  • Observation on the job
  • Demonstrations
  • Examples
  • Case studies

Conduct competency assessment interviews

  • Role of the assessor
  • Role of the employee
Bernadette Allen
Bernadette Allen
Lead Instructor

Bernadette Allen is the founder and President of The Competency Group Inc. and is a leader in the application of competency-based human resources development. She has worked with hundreds of clients since the company began in 1997. Her extensive experience includes developing competency profiles, developing occupational standards, developing competency based training, designing competency assessment, conducting skills gap analysis, training evaluation and designing organization-wide training strategy. Bernadette holds a Masters of Adult Education from St Francis Xavier University and certification in competency analysis and competency-based training from several Canadian and American organizations.


“I have worked and collaborated with Bernadette Allen for many years on a wide-range of projects all having a competency-based philosophy at the core. Bernadette’s work has been generalized over various private and public sectors ranging in focus from direct competency analysis for education and curriculum development to the identification of work functions and tasks through competency analysis to support the human resource continuum. Bernadette is a highly experienced and qualified professional consultant who has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and experience in all things competency-based. Over our many years of collaboration I have developed a deep respect for her ability to practically apply the identification and use of competencies for solving a broad range of operational and human resources challenges. She created, grew and has maintained a successful consulting firm that has done business in Canada and the US, and has developed a great reputation as an industry expert in adult education who understands the value of implementing and promoting skills based learning in workplaces.”

Susan Howard MSc HRM, CHRP and Management Consultant, Bermuda

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